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What is the Volkswagen Oil Change Price?

If you’ve driven a variety of different vehicles, you already know that what you have to pay for an oil change can fluctuate depending on the make and model you have. Our vehicles are no different, and your Volkswagen oil change price can vary based on what model you have chosen. At Stohlman Volkswagen, you can expect that our Volkswagen oil change price generally range from $25 to $50. If you would like to save a bit on your next service appointment near Fairfax or Vienna, be sure to take a look at our service specials.

Volkswagen Oil Change Prices: Conventional vs. Synthetic Oil

If you prefer to choose synthetic oil – a product designed for high-performance engines – over conventional oil, you can expect to pay a bit more for a Volkswagen oil change. The VW oil change cost using synthetic oil can be around $45 to $70. However, synthetic oil lasts longer than conventional oil, you won’t need to have an oil change quite as often. You might even experience better performance while it’s running in your engine! Interested in trying synthetic oil without paying the full price? Contact our service team to see if a synthetic-conventional blend is right for your make and model.

Schedule an Oil Change at Our Volkswagen Service Center

The experts at the Stohlman Volkswagen service center know the Volkswagen lineup inside and out, so they are the perfect technicians to handle your Volkswagen oil change. When you visit our Volkswagen service center, all repairs and fluid replacements will be carried out by experts who you can trust, using genuine OEM Volkswagen parts that are known for their exceptional quality. There are several reasons to make us your go-to destination for the Volkswagen service.

  • With VW Service XPress, you can get back on the road in no time after your next oil change or other maintenance tasks. What’s even better? You don’t need to schedule an appointment. 
  • We’re able to perform every service on your VW maintenance task list. There is no need to have to go to multiple locations to get your vehicle back in pristine condition. 
  • While some drivers opt for third-party service centers because they think they will charge less for a Volkswagen oil change, drivers who depend on non-trained, third-party experts often end up spending more over the course of their vehicle ownership

While some service centers will tell you that you need an oil change every 3,000 miles, that is not the case. That’s how they make their money! However, in newer VW vehicles, an oil change is generally required somewhere between 7,500 to 10,000 miles. 

Schedule Your Volkswagen Service Today!

We’ll always have your manufacturer-recommended motor oil on hand, so your vehicle will drive as Volkswagen designed it to. If you drive a VW Atlas, learn what the oil type is for your Atlas. If you have any questions about vehicle maintenance, you can contact us at any time. 

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