New Owners Clinic

Stohlman Volkswagen Family is dedicated to providing top-notch sales of Volkswagen vehicles in Northern Virginia, but, our commitment to serving our customers does not stop once your car drives off our lot! Once you’ve had the chance to drive your new car, we invite you back to Stohlman Volkswagen for our New Owners Clinics to learn the “ins and outs” of your vehicle and our service department. Stohlman Volkswagen New Owners Clinics are a friendly and casual way to learn more about your car and how our service department works, including details about your warranty and any other questions you may have. You will get a chance to meet our staff and certified service technicians, tour the service department, meet other new owners and enjoy some refreshments.

We understand that your new vehicle purchase is an investment, and we strive to give you the best information, tips and care possible. Whether you have recently purchased your VW from Stohlman Volkswagen, or, have questions after owning your vehicle for a few months (or, years!), we are happy to provide the time and attention you and your car deserve. Our relationship with our new owners does not end after the sale; in fact, we like to think it’s just the beginning.

We want our customers to get the most from these clinics and will announce the next date soon. For more information visit our website – or call us at (866) 308-5831!

In the meantime, we have several avenues to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding your new Volkswagen.

  1.  Simply call or email your salesperson. The Stohlman Volkswagen family is committed to providing exceptional service and is happy to help as needed.
  2. Your 30-Day Double Check. This complimentary service is an opportunity to discuss any concern or question about your car with our service department and allows us a chance to make sure everything is working as designed with your new car. When you’re ready to come in simply call (866) 308-5831 or visit
  3. Visit This website has video and graphical information on every user system in your new vehicle to help point out how to use all the great features on your car. All you need is the VIN # for your car to get personalized instructions just for you!

We truly appreciate your business and patience as we work toward completing a brand new, state of the art facility for you.

We wish you many miles of safe driving!


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