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Four-Wheel Alignment Service

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Four-Wheel Alignment Services at Stohlman Volkswagen

Over time, you may find that your car wants to drift in a certain direction while you’re driving, and it feels like you have to fight and make a constant effort with your steering wheel to keep your car going straight. In this case, it’s quite likely that your Volkswagen’s wheels are no longer in alignment, whether that be due to gradual wear and tear or to an impact with a pothole or curb. Whatever the cause, the solution for this is rather quick and painless: scheduling your Volkswagen for a four-wheel alignment service with the certified technicians at Stohlman Volkswagen.

Causes of Bad Wheel Alignment in Your Volkswagen Vehicle

Even though your suspension system is extremely sturdy and designed to last for many thousands of miles without service, as with any other car part, it is prone to general wear and tear and damage related to impacts. Running into a considerable pothole or curb is a sure-fire way to knock wheels out of alignment because even the smallest of impacts can cause alignment issues. Impacts such as these – regardless of the speed of impact – can cause minor changes to the shape of your vehicle’s wheels, causing changes to their alignment. Vehicle modifications can also cause alignment issues, as auto manufacturers calculate suspension in accordance with your vehicle’s height – if any of these are changed, and the suspension isn’t taken into account, you will have alignment issues. Lastly, you may experience alignment issues if your suspension system’s components begin to wear down and lose their ability to keep your wheels aligned.

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Driving with Bad Alignment is Dangerous

Your Volkswagen’s suspension is designed to keep your wheels perfectly aligned, so that you can drive perfectly in control of your vehicle with no issues. Without properly-aligned wheels, your vehicle may experience difficulty braking, a decrease in fuel economy, tire damages, and difficulty handling. Perhaps most importantly, wheels that need to be aligned often cause a vehicle to pull to one side, and the operator of the vehicle has to increase their grip on the steering wheel in order to combat this “pulling.” When you do so, this affects your ability to steer appropriately, and it puts the safety of yourself and your passengers at risk.


Schedule Your Four Wheel Alignment Service at Stohlman Volkswagen

Booking an appointment with Stohlman Volkswagen is simple and guarantees you a quality of expertise you won’t find anywhere else. Our Volkswagen certified technicians have the training and expertise to handle any and all issues related to all Volkswagen models. All our service is performed using genuine original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, so you know that you’re getting the right parts for your vehicle. We also offer courtesy loaners, rental cars available, and a courtesy transportation shuttle for those customers on-the-go. Call our service department or schedule online for a stress-free, satisfactory experience.


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