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Brake Pad Replacement Service

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Replace Your Brake Pads at Stohlman Volkswagen in Tysons Corner, VA

Brake pad replacement services are an essential service for every vehicle on the road. As an integral part of your vehicle’s braking system, brake pads are important parts to take preventative care of. Your brake pads will typically require replacement every 25,000 to 50,000 miles, depending upon your driving style and miles driven. However, there are a few obvious warning signs to be aware of that indicate your brake pads are worn and need to be replaced.

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Brake Pad Replacement Warning Signs in Your Volkswagen

Most modern vehicles come equipped with sensors and warning lights on your dashboard to indicate if your Volkswagen is experiencing issues with its braking system. However, if that is not the case in your vehicle, some obvious signs will tell you if you have problems with your brake pads. As your brake pads approach the end of their life, they will likely squeak or squeal to indicate that it’s time for a replacement – this is usually a design feature of brake pads to bring the issue to your attention. Suppose you begin to notice a grinding sound when braking. In that case, you’ll want to have your brake pads replaced immediately, as further use of your almost-entirely worn (or perhaps even totally destroyed) brake pads could lead to damage of your brake rotors, which can lead to very expensive repairs. Vibrating when braking could indicate that you’ve waited too long to replace your brake pads and you’ve warped or done serious damage to your brake rotors. You can also look through the spokes in your wheels in order to see if your brake pads are too thin – less than one-quarter of an inch usually indicates replacements are needed. Lastly, if it takes you longer to bring your vehicle to a stop, this decrease in braking power is likely due to old brake pads.

Replacing Your Brake Pads Can Save You Thousands in Bigger Repairs

Lots of car owners delay replacing their brake pads, thinking that their brake pads have much longer to go before needing to be replaced. Surprise: they don’t. Neglecting to replace your Volkswagen’s brake pads at the appropriate time leaves you vulnerable to serious damage to your vehicle’s braking system and can leave a massive hole in your wallet later on. Given how expensive significant repairs to your Volkswagen’s braking system can be, it’s best to do the preventative maintenance when it comes due and save yourself money in the long run.

Brake Pad Replacement

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